The most important thing I want to say about myself and this website is, I’m not into fear-mongering or trying to lead a doomsday cult. The Lord gave me this message so that He may be glorified when these things come to pass, so that you will know it was from the Lord and not from men. I’d rather fade into the background and let God’s message be proclaimed. I’m an optimist about my future in Christ and my hope and joy is derived from my faith in Him. I want you to have that same hope and joy – even in the face of nuclear holocaust.

As for me, I’m not a guy that men listen to or that men would follow. I’m weak in everything except Christ. I’m a lifelong failure at almost everything I’ve pursued. I’m a recovered drug addict and alcoholic by the grace of God. I was an atheist until I was 19 and since I’ve come to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I’ve fallen on my face and have brought shame to the Lord more times than I can count. I’ve hurt people and broke laws and did things I should not have done, yet, I keep running back to Him and He keeps pouring out His undeserved grace upon me. I come from a small town that has some good people, but also has a large underworld of hard drug users and all kinds of evil. My small county in southern Illinois is a major drug hub and it leads the state in suicide rates, teen pregnancy rates, pretty high on std rates, and is ranked overall 92 out of 102 Illinois counties for health outcomes, 92 out of 102 for health behaviors, and ranked 99 out of 102 for poor social and economic factors. There are many good people here, but we’ve got a lot of poverty and hardship.

Out of those poor circumstances, God has called a sinner like me to deliver a message of great importance to the world. I want you to be encouraged in that. If God can use a person of such low standing and harsh conditions in His service, how much more can He use you! YOU have a special role to fulfill in his kingdom and in His service. Find out what that unique role is and pursue it with the fullness of God’s Spirit while you can because the time is short.

Because I reference my book in my message, I know some people may be interested in reading it. It’s not New York Time bestseller material, but you can find it on Amazon if you’re interested:

Beyond Millennium by Jon C Minor

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